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I've always held a deep appreciation for the work that goes into building a business from the ground up. By the age of 10 I was learning to blog, creating and maintaining multiple websites, and creating digital newsletters for friends that shared my childhood interests. I share this to show that I truly have spent my life diving headfirst into the logistics of growing a business and have found my greatest inspirations in the goals and groundbreaking ideas of my clients. 

Each unique business owner and entrepreneur that has walked through the metaphorical doors of my office has brought creativity, new ideas, and their own spark to the world of small businesses.  It's because of this that I've made it my goal to be the helping hand that works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to strategically build and elevate their businesses from day one. 

Below you'll find a small sampling of projects I've worked on with some of the brightest, most driven individuals I have met. 


Team Meeting
Sidney Cityscape



"Leighton is a literal rockstar who could accomplish anything she set her heart to. She is an excellent partner, a quick learner, and really gets shit done. I couldn't begin to recommend her more. If you are even remotely considering hiring Leighton, I would just stop questioning yourself and do it. She will make sure whatever it is you need is done in a timely manner to an excellent degree, all while I having a super pleasant attitude and having a lot of fun as a team member. She is REALLY the best."


  • Methods of feedback and reporting for teams.

  • Thorough processes for project management and maintenance. 

  • Steady processes for managing multiple accounts and communication methods.

  • Scheduling and appointment setting for C-level executive. 

  • Marketing and Client Communications 

  • Graphic design of marketing and client materials 

  • Consolidating and organizing digital files 



"I hired Leighton initially to create a new logo for my business. Not only was she quick and efficient, but she also created exactly what I was hoping for. I was so impressed, that I also hired her to create my entire website. Leighton was so easy to work with. She is professional, talented, and explains everything so well. I will definitely use her again when I need help with my website/business."


  • A brand design that looked professional and felt personal to both the owner and the customer.

  • A website that perfectly showcases their business and their values.

  • A website that acts as the online face of their business and draws customers in, while also educating them. 

Happy Dog
Groomed Dog
Brooklyn Bridge
Apartment Buildings



"Leighton was a huge help to our team. She came in with a drive and dedication to understanding our workflows and processes, which change often. She was great at keeping up with those changes, applying them and shifting priorities when asked or when she observed the need.


She caught on to all of our changes quickly and gracefully, and when questions arose she promptly asked for clarity in order to complete the task successfully.


Leighton's attention to detail and deep understanding of the tasks was exactly what we needed. I hope to work with Leighton again in the future and would recommend her as a resource for other projects as well."


  • New methods of data entry and project management for their team.

  • Company-wide procedures for sharing and responding to fast-paced data changes.

  • Guidelines for making critical changes to the company website.

  • Foundations for a successful content & listing team


"Leighton is one of the best people I have met and hired! She was willing to help in any way possible with excellent communication and work ethic! My life and business have been significantly better after hiring her!


She understands my business tools and apps really well and quick learner of any of the apps. Has a good eye for design and spoke well to customers for customer support! Her project management and organization skills were extremely helpful.".


"Leighton is phenomenal! We've been working with her for a while now and it has been great.  Leighton is available and easy to communicate with. Whenever we ask her to shift priorities, introduce her to a new task, or create a new process she is more than willing to take it on, adjust her workflows, and continue to work with us to improve our processes.


She has been a HUGE help to our team! Leighton caught on to the work very quickly and was willing to jump right in and get started. She has been proactive about completing tasks. Her attention to detail has gone above the job description and helped us to refine our process, catch general database inconsistencies & communicate them to me.


I will continue to work with Leighton on this current project and would hire her again for others. I would certainly recommend Leighton as a resource for other projects as well."


"Leighton is amazing. She has been beyond helpful in getting me and my business focused and on track. She is diligent, quick, and thinks outside the box on projects. Most assignments are done ahead of time, even before I even see them. It’s fantastic. I can’t speak highly enough of her and her work."



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