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Begin Your Career as a Virtual Assistant

Begin Your Career as a Virtual Assistant


Have you Googled...


"become a virtual assistant in 2023"

"remote assistant work from home entrepreneur"

"administrative work freelance work"


We've all been there, we get it. We've scrolled through the search results, read every pin on Pinterest, we've been down that rabbit hole.


Just like you, we also found a lot of information that was confusing and made us feel like maybe becoming a remote/virtual assistant would be too hard or take too much time


Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that complicated anymore. This workbook walks you step-by-step through the process of getting started as a virtual assistant, and is a direct investment in your professional and personal growth. 


This workbook bundle includes: 

  • If this career is right for you at this time in your life + fillable worksheets!
  • How you can make this work with your current schedule 
  • What you'll need in order to get started
  • The different skills you could have or could learn 
  • A few platforms you can choose from to get started
  • How LinkedIn works and how to optimize your profile 
  • How Upwork works and how to optimize your profile
  • Setting your profile(s) up
  • How you will receive payments, based on the platform(s) you choose
  • How taxes work for self-employment (in the United States)
  • Determining your target clients & attracting them + fillable worksheet!
  • The Key to Continuous Momentum: Evolution and Education +
  • Bonus Tech/Software List
  • 6 Worksheets to Optimize Your Business Pre-Launch


This workbook is designed to be your guiding light into the field of remote administrative work, and how you can make it work with your current lifestyle. 





*This workbook is a digital file and purchasers are not permitted to print in any capacity other than personal use. 

*This workbook does not include tutorial videos. 

*This workbook is nonrefundable, as per our refund policy.

*This workbook in no way guarantees success. 

*This workbook does not include the Skillshare class

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