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Are You Struggling to 
Find Success
on Upwork?

Learn the Virtual Assistant startup strategy that took me from $0 to $50k.

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I've had zero clients (and $0)

When I first started out on Upwork, I was...

  • Overwhelmed

  • Confused

  • Not sure what to do

  • Not landing a single client

I was frustrated at the lack of resources online that shared accurate, up-to-date, and realistic information on how to kickstart your virtual assistant career on Upwork. 

Sound like you?

elevated business assistant services my office to yours

Upwork can be your best friend or your biggest annoyance...

You've probably heard mixed reviews on Upwork, from virtual assistants who hate it to those that swear by it. 

I am one of those virtuals assistants that swear by it, but mostly for VAs who are needing to get their foot in the door.

With Upwork, it took me all of 1 month to go full time as a VA and 1 year to make $50,000.  

I've made it my mission to help others accomplish the same. 

elevated business assistant services my office to yours

What Do I Have to Offer on Upwork?

Checkout this list of services, hard skills, and soft skills you can offer + Snag the FREE Launch Your Virtual Administrative Assistant Career Fillable Guide

What if This Career Isn't For Me? 

Taking the plunge can be terrifyingtrust me, I know. 

I can confidently say that everyone I know who has become a VA has not had any regrets thus far. Read about all the things you should know, will need, and can expect before taking the leap.

elevated business assistant services my office to yours

How Do I Get Started?

My mission is to help take driven individuals like yourself from an idea to entrepreneurship - so I've created resources for you to better understand my Upwork strategy and how you can use it to level up your Virtual Assistance on Upwork. 

elevated business assistant services my office to yours

Learn Better with Visuals?

Below are snippets from the online course that I teach for virtual assistants!

This class can help you discover if this career move will work for you, teach you how to get started at your own pace and on your own schedule, give you valuable tips and information, and allow you to receive personalized feedback on your account so that you can go into the world of assistant work confidently. 

How Do I Get Started on Upwork?

Where Can I Find Clients on Upwork?

The Thing That Scared Me Most..

Before I started my business, was the idea that I couldn't possibly "get lucky enough" to start a business and actually get clients.

I replaced my previous income within one month.


When I wanted to book bigger clients I thought "I can't do that, I don't offer anything worth that kind of money..".

I've been fully booked out since.

In my first full-time year I made 100k.


The fear almost kept me from changing my life.


When the startup costs are less than $100, the commitment is less than an hour a day, and the reward is an entirely different life... why not start today?

The blog features tips and tricks for becoming an entrepreneur!

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