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What if Becoming a Virtual Assistant Isn't For Me?

"But how do I know if this would work for me?"

When I was starting out seven years ago, I was researching and reading everything from everywhere and was more confused than ever! I thought there was no way I could do this, it's too much. Especially with my current 9-5 taking up all of my time. 

I was scared to even try..

But I tried it, and I am so glad that I did.

Seven years later, I own my own business, I make enough income to support myself and my family, and I enjoy life more than I ever did before. 

Most of all, I've learned the real value of not having to work for others. I've learned the value of living life on my own terms. I've learned how immensely different life feels when you're no longer looking at a negative bank balance every week. 

I want that for you.

I don't mean that in a car salesman way, I mean that in a I-wish-nobody-had-to-work-for-greedy-bosses way.

I mean that in a people-deserve-better-pay-and-better-working-conditions way. 

Because you could have that within the next six months if you start today. 

Or, you could circle back around to the idea next year and spend months researching things like...

How to start a business without leaving my 9-5 first?

How to schedule my day(s) to get my business started?

What kind of services can I offer working from home?

How do I brand my own business?

Do I need a website?

How do I build my own website? 

Do I need legal contracts to start my business? 

Can I get sued as a sole proprietor? 

Where do I find clients?

+ much more. 

I know, because I spent years doing the research before finally deciding to get started. The thing is, if you're working a day job, going to school, raising your kids, or just living your life - it's hard to find time to do all of that research. 

That's why I've done all of the research for you.

No seriously, I did. Remember a minute ago when I said "I want that for you"? I meant that. 

I've compiled all of the answers you're looking for into one handy resource, and focused heavily on being able to get started building your new business while still working your day job. 

I would never encourage you to abruptly leave your job and put yourself in a bad situation. 

But I will gladly encourage you to slowly replace your current income by building your own business, so that you can eventually leave that day job without feeling a loss in income. 

You don't have to risk your current job. 

You don't have to lose your current income. 

You don't have to do hours of endless research.

You don't have to  dive in headfirst and put yourself in a scary situation. 

You only have to take the first step today, work on it at your own pace,  and reap the benefits of your own hard work for years to come. 

You only have to listen to the step-by-step plan that I not only followed myself, but have also taught to others. 

Here's a little that you should know before getting started:

Startup costs for Virtual Assistants are LOW. Depending on how you want to get started and what you already have, your startup costs could be $100 or less.

You'll need to have...

  • Stable and Fast Internet Connection

  • Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • A Webcam, If You Do Not Have One Built In

  • Access to Basic Applications

    • Microsoft Word OR Google Docs

    • Microsoft Excel OR Google Sheets

    • Microsoft Powerpoint OR Google Slides

    • Microsoft Outlook OR Google Gmail

  • A Working Cell Phone

  • A Professional Email Address

  • Government Identification (If you decide to use Upwork)

    • Drivers License or State ID

    • Social Security Number or Equivalent (United States)

You should also know...

When you are a virtual assistant you can either work REMOTE jobs or CONTRACT jobs.

Remote jobs:

  • You are working as an employee, from your own office location

  • Sometimes limited to specific locations, for legal reasons

  • You are not considered self-employed

  • You will receive a W-2 each year

  • Taxes will be paid per local, state, and federal law

Contract jobs:

  • You are an independent contractor, the company is your client

  • Can typically be hired from anywhere in the world

  • You are considered self-employed.

  • You are required to keep up with all income and expenses, and pay taxes on all income

  • Pay state taxes each year and pay federal taxes 4 times each year.

*Tax information based on United States law

Now that you know all of this... can you commit 15 minutes per day to work on creating your new career as virtual assistant and finding financial freedom?

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